Hoolie makes it personal

"Hoolie makes it easy to design, send and menage email newsletter and marketing campaigns right from your computer with no limits, monothly costs or per email fees''.
That's what Hoolie is according to the compagnie. Okay, let me explain how it works.
You instalate the design software on your laptop or ipad.
Apple uses your Address Book for your email list. You can use a function called WYSIWYG.
This is a editor message to help you create a new look which is great on deskops.
You can also add templates they already have.
Your email lists  are in privacy so all your data is saved.

Foodtrucks and refugees

Food trucks and refugees. Food as a chatlysator for social integration. 

This project started with Hassan. He was a refugee and came to rio de Janeiro. He barely spoke Portugees and he was alone. But he spoke another language, la cuisine. He started to sell food on the street with other refugees and in a while he started to have relations with people around him as for example the local people. After a while he felt at home in is new country. This was because of the food. Now, if this works for Hassan, why doesn’t this for other migrants? That’s exactly the thought of four other women. They developed the project eat and meat. On their website (source) they explain this: 

Shazam for fonts and colours

Shazam for art pieces, Shazam for music and now Shazam for fonts. Or not actually Shazam: Spactor it’s called. 

Fiona O’Leary came up with this idea. For her graduation she developed Spector. Spector captures colors and fonts from the real world and transfers them directly into indesign. 
So your favorite flowers of the font from the newspaper can just appear on your computer any time. 

Service is easy like this; ;-)

You sleep in an Aloft Hotel, you have partied hard and now a huge hangover. Your eyes hurt and you need immediately a glas of water and an advil. Then you pick up your phone and send your emoticons to the reception. How easy is this?!

Aloft Hotels started this service a few weeks ago. Text it, Get it. or TiGi for short. Through this service customers can order room service with emoticons on their phone. Simple emoticons count now as serious communication, something which is more and more common in this world. It all goes back to the 90’s where they where developed.