Amsterdam - New York in one hour

Last month is patent requested on a new design Airbus. With this Airbus you can travel from Amsterdam to New York in just one hour. It sounds like something surreal but with this Spaceshuttle/Passenger plane it should become reality.  Right now there are only sketches of this design, but there is already work in proces. The plane has a rocket engine and will fly with the speed of 5500 km/h. Before this design there was the Concorde, but because of safety problems this one was stopped. If this design ends in the same way as the Concorde, the  techniques will be placed in normal planes. 

Everything becomes faster, telephone’s, internet, self driving cars, you name it. But also airplanes. This will have a lot of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages can be quick transport of people and goods but we also have to look what this does for our mind and body. Complexities as G-power for example. This is a complicated thing but in Jip and Janneke language: If you travel with your body to fast it’s not good for your brain. But I still think that people will be lucky with this progress. 

As I said in my previous post; globalization makes the world smaller and this is the best example of it. 

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