Espresso on the go

What is it?
No more struggling with weak coffee and thermos jugs for the real espresso drinkers among us. On the way you can now make your own espresso with fresh ingredients. It is slightly more work than a thermos flask or buy anything, but then you have some. This little gadget can take apart and in different compartments doeg your coffee into an espresso cup. If the pressure is high enough, the espresso coffee comes out. Fresh coffee on the go! You can buy it in 2015 for $ 39.

Why is it cool?
People like to drink coffee and they travel a lot every day. Therefore, an invention like this for many people a real "must have". Quality is becoming increasingly important these days. (In my last post you could see it wit MoAm x Hema).

Why has it future growth potential?
group of customers. There are already many applications for 2015 so that looks good and very promising! I also expect that this device will become easier and less so for example, you no longer own hot water to carry around. Maybe in the future this gadget will be built  standard in your car ... 
In the future, everything will be measured for chips. Your health, your fitness activity, driving behaviour.. everything. With these chips objects will be abel to “communicate” with each other. So if you stand up in the morning, your fridge will serve your breakfast and gives you the right medicines and supplements. If you drive to your work I can imagine that this machine is in your car and will make make a nice cappuccino for you on the go. This trend is called the Rise of the cloud, because the data information is saved in the cloud.

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