Improve life with your tech friend

Let's have some robot talk.
We live in a world with many technological corridors ahead.
Because of these inventions,more and more things will be introduced into our society.
Consequently there is mixed response. People love it or are afraid for it.
But in this post I will tell you what the technology and robotics brings us. For example more prosperity, more security and a higher life expectancy.
Researchers have studied how snakes transferred a sandhill sideways ascend this technique on a robot (Sciencemag, 2014). In the future, the robot can be used for rescue operations, archaeological sites or even on other plants (Cameron Dough, 2014).
The first robot was recently sent to Mars to do research.
But also the human side of robots is increasingly developed. They get more human traits.
In Pisa is a female robot that can express 32 emotions. But robots feel also the structures of a surface. This is because the new sensor technology mimics the human fingertip (Margaret Rhodes, 2014).
There are many advantages to our new robot friends. Making mistakes is  human, but robots act exactly the way they are programmed.

People react mostly frightening at the advent of robots, it's scary and strange.
But if we think back to every great invention in the past ruled people shocked.
Think of the first trains, where people thought that these were deadly monsters.
Or the first mobile phones, when it was all nonsense, and now everybody has one, and we no longer know what to do without. It's a matter of getting used robots that act in society.
We will see that human robots are damn convenient.
Before there was a great fear of robots, one comes more and more behind that robots can be very useful and helpful. Because the benefits are becoming better known, this phenomenon is becoming more accepted in society.

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