Japan only : Robot hotel

Only in Japan (at least for now) the Henn-na robot hotel. 
The English-speaking receptionist is vicious-looking dinosaur, and the one speaking Japanese is female humanoid with blinking lashes.“If you want to check in, push one,” the dinosaur says. The visitor still has to punch a button on the desk and type in information on a touch panel screen. From the front desk to the porter is an automated trolley taking luggage to the room. This reports the guardian. You can enter your hotel room if you screen your face. In the room is a cute lam robot who wakes you up and gives restrictions to other robots to fill your mini-bar if you requested that for example. 

The Henn-na hotel in the theme park “ Huis ten Bosch”  in Nagasaki is mainly lead by robots. The manager Hideo Sawada said “ We make this the most efficient hotel in the whole world”. The robots in this hotel  will save a lot of costs. He hopes to sart more than 1000 hotels in this way. 

Low budget Hotels are upcoming because they have to concur with free and cheap sleep opportunities as airbnb, couchsurfing and Nightswapping (read my previous article). Besides the great experience, it’s also a fact dat robots are upcoming. They replace a lot of human work. This will give space for people to do other jobs and develop their selves in other things. People may lose their jobs but robots give them also a lot of comfort. 

I'm curious if our future kids can imagine a hotel with real people !

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