MoAm X Hema

What is it? 

The Dutch chain Hema is entered the cooperation with MoAm, which stands for Mode (fashion) Amsterdam. It is a platform for young designers and creative talent. For Hema they have a basic collection made ​​with twenty pieces for Ladies and Gentlemen. Oh, and a t-shirt with the old Dutch smoked sausages. Because that fits with the slogan of the chain "really Hema."
Martijn Nekoui, the chief designer of the project explained: "Due to the fashion and quality of MOAM combine the particular simplicity of HEMA, too, there is a fantastic collection originated accessible fashion for a HEMA-price. It can be worn by young fashionistas, but also by my mother and her neighbors, and that was the goal."

Why is it cool? 
Fast Fashion has a large turnout. For example, At Zara it  takes only two weeks to the first line on paper until you can see it in the stores. And this process will go faster and faster. People are buying more and more clothes which has all kinds of consequences. On  ethical sense, for example, the workers in the factories to environmental issues. The counterpart to this, is Slow Fashion.
Clothing that has good quality, a long durability and  is timeless.
Vintage Fashion is an example of this, because you re-use something, but also designers like Cora Kemperman contribute to this. But this is often very expensive. You really need to make a good investment before you can get. But with the MoAm collection which is just available at Hema, it is probably more accessible to the average group of people. This opened the gates slow fashion to the general public.

Why has it future growth Potential? 
Like I said, in the future we will Become more known with the fact of slow fashion. We will care more and more about good clothing pieces instead of a large number of garments. People are increasingly opting for good quality basics and feel like you ever have to buy something (I contradict this also to myself) will gradually be taking a different turn.


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