The marketing trick of storytelling

There is an confession that I have to make. I don't like to read. I do read blogs, gossip about Kim Kardashian, the Vogue or the glamour. But the newspaper and my school books? It takes too much time and I rather spend my time watching a movie or series. I feel more attracted to commercials with beautiful people than a Dove campaign with "normal" people. I was wondering if this has  anything to do with the storytelling of the companies. That's why I did a little research to what it is and why it works.

Storytelling is a way of communication. Modern brands are familiar with this because they have discovered that people have the need to connect with something which is bigger as their selves.
The message of the brand or company becomes alive in your head. The brain is in love with storytelling (frank watching). What happens is that the story is presented in smaller sections. Our mirror neurons are activated when hearing or reading a story, then our brain becomes active in exactly the same way as when you have experienced it yourself. This trick is used in all kinds of campaigns and commercials.

Now I understand why this works for me. I am a picture thinker, just like many other persons. The brands take me with them In their story and show me how my life can be with their product, or motivate me to do something (like the "hero" in the Nike campaigns).
The last three years this fact is well known with the marketers.
We are part of the experience economy. This an old trend, but it's powerful and is so innovative that it will last for a while. In the 2014 trend book of Science of the Time they said this: "As soon as people grow beyond the subsistence level, they  will searching  for more-than-ordinary situation. In particular experiences that stay with them longer, adding to the quality of their existence. In fact it's the marketing for the memorable experience. We see that the Experience Economy often goes virtual". Storytelling is a part of this experience economy. Some how you go with the story and people are sensitive for that. That is why we will see more or at storytelling in the future.

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