Travel the world for free

Nightswapping is a way to stay the night for free in the house of someone. You can compare it with initiatives such as couch surfing or Airbnb. The big difference between Nightswapping is that this service is is free and you sleep in a real bed, not on a couch. If someone has stayed a night at your place, you “gain” a night in someone else's place. In this way you can sleep all around the world for free. Right now there are already 90.000 addresses world wide. 
There are city ambassadors in the main city’s who can stop by and screen if the pictures look the same as on the internet and to be sure that the people are really the people who they claim they are. 

Globalization makes the world smaller. This is because of things like infrastructure and social media you can connect easily to other parts of the world. Night swapping helps with this proces. It offers opportunity to get in contact with others around the world, also for people who do not have so much money to spent. Traveling makes you richer on the inside and this makes it possible for everyone to have an experience. 

First everything had to do with money, but since a couple of years people look at other values who not always have something to do with money. Think of things as Uber and initiatives with chores in your neighborhood. With Nightswapping you can make someone happy to stay the night with you and you get it back to stay the night at someone else, without there is money involved. 

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