Floating houses in the future

You must have heard of thriving houses but you have never heard of this project. The NLÉ architects of Amsterdam have build the first floating school for the slums in Nigeria.The project is in Lagos, the capital of Nigeria where the big slums are. The Makoko tribe lives in slums on pales  in the water. The slums overflows regularly and the people can start to build their houses over and over again. Also the schools become overflowed, which stops the children in the slums of Lagos from education. Kundle Adeyemi is the head of NLÉ architects and is from Nigeria himself.

At the start of this project was reckoned with the climate in Africa and the upcoming urbanization. The project had to be sustainable. That’s why it was made on recycled organic garbage. There wasn’t a big budget but this school totally works. The building floats on tons so if the water will rise, the school will rise with it. Light is generated by solar penels. This project is cool because it covers sustainability, urbanization, craftsmanship and makes it possible for the less fortunate people to have an existence and a proper education. This has future growth potential because this simple idea without a large budget can be copied easily in other parts of the world. For example the countries who have to deal with the monsoon.  Right now, they only have a school but in the future they might have a whole village made by thriving houses. 

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