Let's go to Sweden, here they work only 6 hours a day!

In Sweden compagnies have switched their eight-hour workday to just six. Studies have proven that eight hour day  will damage the health, happiness and productivity of the  employees.  The Toyota service center has made this switch already thirteen years ago and their employees are more happy, productive  and less ill. The revenue has even increased with 25%.  It appears  that people have more energie and more  motivation and deliver the same amount of work.  They also have the same salary as before.

Since work employers care much more about the wellbeing of their employees we can see the six hour workday also maybe in a couple of years in the rest of the world. Or at least in Europe. Employers want their employees  to be more healthy, fit and happy. Also the government promotes happy employees because they are less ill and work longer. That’s why they support and challenge companies with fitness with offering tax relief and other advantages. Also mindfullness or stress reduction can help with the happiness of the workers. There are a lot of mindfulness gadgets, apps, games and yoga/mantra meditations nowadays. This society is becoming more happy, fit and healthy and that’s why I think that we can see six-hour working days in the future. 

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