MANDA sunpaste

Cyrus Sutton is a surfer and owner of MANDA. This is a simple by nature made sunscreen. It’s water and sweat proof but made of natural products. Mister Sutton was not happy about the sunblocks on the market so he started his own label. He started his research with the materials indigenous cultures used to protect against the sun. Here he discovered thanaka from the tree bark of Myanmar that has been used by the Burmese culture. This became his permanent ingredient. Other ingredients are beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, cacao powder, cinnamon oil and zinc oxide. He also tested it himself in the mountains, on the desert, on a snowboard and while he was surfing. 

It’s cool that somebody misses something in his life or feel unsatisfied about anything and has the ambition to make a better new version. Through the internet you can easily do your own research and raise money for the funding of your project. What’s also cool about this project is the way he uses the knowledge and wisdoms of old cultures to make something nowadays. Also the fact that this is ecofriendly is totally 2015 and will fit perfect in the future. These factors: a micro business and respect for the nature is going to be successful in the future. But also the fact that he started this business not out of commercial reason’s in the first way, but because he needed it himself and he wanted to help his surf friends. This is where the new economy is about, not gain as much money as possible  helping other people with thing that you are good at in the first place.  

Kickstarter made his dream come true, I hope this brand will come to Europe very soon!

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