Meet this IPhone Artist and his work

The landscapes of artist Charlie Davoli are super cool. And what makes it even more cool: they where made with a iphone. He fixes the pictures with apps as PsTouch, IDesign, Matter and Mextures. He also doesn’t expose somewhere in a fancy art gallery but just at his own instagram. It remembers me of my art classes on high school with the surreal paintings of Salvador Dali mixed with David Hockney. But, he says that his work is inspired of Bauhaus and the popculture of Warhol and Lichtenstein. 

It’s cool that art becomes so close to people. Years back, art was only for the rich but Warhol made a difference in that to print his screen printing method but this is that kind of art next level. Art available for everyone with an iphone, and made with an iphone. 

Sharing is caring. Mister Davoli really does that. Sharing his beautiful creatures with the rest of the world. Sharing means according to the Australian website news.com News.com
 ‘to have a portion with others; to give a portion to others’. Being paid is, oddly, not in this definition. If in the schoolyard, you were to share your sandwich with me but expect my Roll Up, then you can play on, player! That isn’t sharing – it’s a transaction. A delicious one, too.
Perhaps we’re wary of doing something for nothing because we’re constantly inundated with media reports of foul play and sharing gone awry. The karma of being charitable is not enough. We now expect monetary return for our seemingly innocent kindness.
In order to love life, I guess you have to take the good with the bad. I just hope the bad doesn’t involve violent cabbies, brothels and meth dens. Unless that’s what you’re into.  In that case, thanks for sharing.

Basically is what they saying, sharing something and not expecting something back. Just because you feel pleasure about it. Our economy is taking slow steps into the direction of it. Think about all those websites where you can borrow stuf from people in you neighborhood or taking an old lady out for a walk. This is also an example of it. 
So let me say then: Charlie Davoli, thanks for sharing your beautiful art. 

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