Virgin America started a collaboration with Netflix with the first House of Cards plane. This plane will make sure that you can watch Netflix on 35,000 feet. They have ten new airbuses who have wifi inside. This big #NetflixOnboard campaign helps these airbuses with Wi-Fi so the passengers can watch their own serie aboard. This isn’t the only upgrade they can get, they also have an entertaining system Red touch screens. Michael  Kelly is an actor who plays in the House of Cards serie. 

It’s cool because of three reasons.
1) a collaboration with two compagnies who I never would have matched together and they will realize a super awesome branding campaign together. Also is it cool that such a young compagnie as Netflix raises so fast and does this big out of the box marketing.
2) They really are a pioneer in new things. First netflix itself and now Wifi and Netflix in the air is the next big  thing.  In the future everybody will think: “Why we hadn’t that before?"
3) For the fun entertaining, red designed touch screens really gives you this movie feeling. It makes it more fun to sit in the plane and it will give something special about your trip. I really admire the position in the world. #Netflixing is a new verb in our society, its the new tv and now its the only wifi/serie watching streaming. And, they are only such a young compagnie. They ARE and understand the marketing and branding compagnie of future. If I had some equities, I would really put them on Netflix!! 

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