Stop for the ghost

People in Russia who park on the wrong spot will experience some true horror. If you park your car in Shopping and business malls around Moscow will appear an invalid ghost who tells you to “STOP”. This action is found by the non-profit organization Dislife. 

Dislife uses Holograms to teach people a lesson. Less anti-social parking on invalid spots. Research have proven that 30% of the Russians park illegal on Invalid places. Dislife placed cameras who scanned the windows of the cars. If it didn’t have a invalid sticker, the hologram will pop up
immediately. The Holograms are “ghosts” of invalid persons in wheelchairs who are projected on water-spray-screens. They are viable and make sound, they say “stop” and let the drivers know why it’s important to not park on illegal spots. Then they will ask to park somewhere els. The reactions of the Drivers are to film and they will park on a legal spot immediately

This is typical an example of that’s happening now in the world. There are so many things that’s not allowed to do, so many rules, so much information. People’s brains are so full of things and their lives busy so you have to really impress with the message that you want to tell them because otherwise your message will end up in the grey mass. That’s why the experience economy does so well. We know this trend already but it’s stays innovative and will give people a memorie that will last much longer. 

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