The zoo of the future

Having a boring office job which freaks you out? Take a minute during your lunch brake to check this website out, promise, absolutely zen! Explore.org is a website with livestream camera’s all over the world where you can see the wild animals in their natural environment. 
This non-profit organization is founded by Charles Annenberg Weingarten. You can watch animals for free and live without put them in cages like in a zoo. You can observe their behavior and there is nothing better as let animal completely theirselves. With camera’s all over the world. They say that animals are true hero’s and hope that by photographing and filming them we humans connect with them through  our minds. They operate in the motto of “ never stop learning” Sesame Street for adults. 

This is cool because people becoming more aware of the facts that animals live in small cages and big zoo’s camping with big economical issues. The interaction between the animals and watchers won’t be disturbed. There are a lot of developing ways to make zoo’s more attractive and let the animals in peace. There is for example a plan which they are developing to build Zooptopia, a big park with a big eco diversity where people can see the animals from above of the kabel. This is made of mirrors so that animals can’t see the humans who staring at them. Other people say that the new zoo is full of cloned animals and even Mammoets… Well, we will see about that but for now, I think explore.org is a very good option, and so it is for the future! 

What do you think the zoo’s will look like in the future?

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