This material will be life saving

This could be the best life saving material in the future. New super material is developed where artificial hearts can be made of. This fake heart is made of a material called “elastomer former”. It’s designed by engineers on the Cornell University. They described in a paper how the “poro elastic silicone and carbon fiber “can be used to imitate a real heart. The material can be stretched out for 300 percent, has pores and is able to pump liquids. The 3D printer is used to design the mal of the heart. The heart can be fully pumped and also pumped out, just like a normal organic heart. There is in the world a big lack of organ donors, so if this can work in a very short term, many lives can be saved. 

The website PWC  is telling us: 
We are now on the verge of these technologies becoming visible all around us. It is therefore no longer sufficient to merely sketch future visions, but concrete investment decisions must now be taken. This also means that organisations must already possess or must quickly develop an understanding of the opportunities and threats that these technologies bring with them.
Consequently, we are not just concerned with immediate opportunities, such as those provided by 3D printing for the retail and transport sectors. It is readily apparent all around us that successful organisations are aptly capable of deploying new technologies in order to improve results in several areas.

Back to the heart material. Technology is a trend of the past years but, it improves itself better and better. 3D printing is also something we already know but you can’t make a 3d printed heart without the right materials. 


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