Weaterness, the funny answer on the weather

In Holland, every body is always complaining about the weather. It’s too cold, too hot, to windy to rainy or to dry…. It looks almost like it’s the national sport.
The French artist student Surya David White was totally done with it and designed a funny answer for this symptom. Why shouldn’t we celebrate the weather? That’s why miss White designed a collection named Weaterness to make the seasons and weather fun again.  You can expect a rain coat which switches colors when it starts to rain. Or a curtain that changes from grey to white when it starts to get warm. She also made some textile to build some construction sides. When the wind starts to blow the flaps of the cloth starts to wave. In this way miss White wants to make the environment and the cityscape more friendly. 

This is a beautiful example of how it goes nowadays. We want to solve problems or make a statement with humor and light-heartedness. I googled in dutch: luchtigheid and I saw several articles about al sort of types. For example in fashion (you know the soap boxes of motion and their McDonald sweaters) , in compagnies installations as Royal Dutch airlines who sent their consumers funny tweets as reaction on their complains and even in the funeral world is humor a trend

Thats why it’s cool that Suraya David White want to cheer up people with the weather because thats just something thats coming back al the time and this is the best way to solve it: with lightness and Humor.

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