Own your piece of vineyard in Amsterdam

Have your own vineyard in Amsterdam. You would probably doubt about this immediately but it’s really true! There are still places in Amsterdam with nature. The Amsterdam vineyard No Chateau want to start with this initiative in the spring of 2016. You can buy your own piece of ground for €225,- . This spot of 10m2 will give you ten bottles of wine. There are already more than 100 people who signed up or want to give the piece of vineyard as a present. 

It’s cool because it is sustainable and people are involved with their own products, the nature,   growth, connection with the other owners and the wine process. Coolhunting.com mentioned : More than half the world's population now lives in cities, but when it comes to feeding them, trucking in the necessary amount of food isn't a sustainable process for any metropolis. Growing out of the need for better solutions, urban farming is becoming an increasingly common approach, whether resourceful groups and individuals are planting vegetables in a container on their back porch or are harvesting land as part of the burgeoning agricultural community.

That is why we will see other projects like this in the future. A wasteland in the city will be transformed into a super cool project which gives connection. Other initiatives like brewing beer with rainwater also contributes to this. The project will be a circular work community. 
The trend above this is sustainability but also the experience economy. 

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