Hoolie makes it personal

"Hoolie makes it easy to design, send and menage email newsletter and marketing campaigns right from your computer with no limits, monothly costs or per email fees''.
That's what Hoolie is according to the compagnie. Okay, let me explain how it works.
You instalate the design software on your laptop or ipad.
Apple uses your Address Book for your email list. You can use a function called WYSIWYG.
This is a editor message to help you create a new look which is great on deskops.
You can also add templates they already have.
Your email lists  are in privacy so all your data is saved.

Its cool because you can make from something complete business and boring, something original and personal designed on your own way. It also saves a lot of time.
especially for the business people by us this is easy because it helps you also with personalize yourself which makes it a lot more easy to network.
It works very easy but if you don't get it there are of tutorials. Click here.

Their really is a branch for whom this Hoolie is great to use, because it has the function of network and design in less time. I think this must be the business people of us.
Hoolie can also be used by students for example but it costs €35,- so I think students will use other programs.
I really like the cupcake logo, because it makes it attractive to click on it but I also think this can look slightly less from business.

All in all, Hoolie is an upcoming thing and it is now increasingly grown.
They also have their own facebook page.

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