LEON, Fastfood for superfoodies

The British fast food eaten Leon has expanded to the Netherlands. This label produces fast food which is tasteful, healthy, nutritious and ready in only two minutes! 

The founder of this concept John Vincent said; “My goal is to make people take care of themselves and make it easy”. That’s why they questioned themselves how fastfood would look like in the ideal world. Then LEON was born. As I wrote before; easy, tasteful, healthy and it has to be payable as well. All the products are from local farmers and the meals are as fat and sugar-free as possible. Besides that has it a hip interior. 

As you can see in my last article is it very important nowadays that food is fast. This leads in some cases to obesity. This is a result of a lower education, which leads to poor information to food and mostly a lower income. Then fastfood comes populair. That’s why it’s so cool that LEON offers tasteful nutirious and affordable food. 

In Holland, it’s now available next to the Burger King at Schiphol airport.

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