Little urban libary

Since  I was strolling through Den Bosch I saw a cute little “birds” house with books. You could just take them and borrow them for free. Later, I saw more of these houses in different cities. I was wondering for who these books are and why they exists. 

What are these bird-library-houses? These houses are full with books that you can borrow to read and bring them back. After returning it you can donate another old book of  or just bring it back and be thankful for it. I think it’s so generous to just bring books like these to people. This has everything to with the big trend sharing economy and bringing kindness to peoples lives. This is rare because almost noting is for free anymore. This remembers me of the hype from two years ago where people where knitting scarves and everything of bright colors and putted them around all sorts of things in town. They did this to make the city brighter, more alive and make the people more aware of their surrounding. And this crosses the trend mindfulness. In this online/offline world it’s so important to sometimes just breath and smile. 

People just take over these little free library’s and build them their self. So spread the love… eh I mean letter !!

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