Picnic is the new Dutch Online supermarkt brand that’s concurring with other big online supermarkets. Why would they do that...there is already enough. This supermarket is offering the lowest price, free delivery, sometimes free groceries, and they can give you the delivery time just at the minute, so you can make sure you are home. They have had a pilot period last year and it’s so successful that they are expanding into a lot more new cities. 

This really is something that is giving me my question marks for the future. How will we do grocery shopping in the future? where will we do it, can we still do this online? What’s this meaning for other supermarkt brans as Albert Hein and Jumbo? 

Picnic works because of the big trend convenience. And this is especially in the food industry.  Obesity has never had such a big influence on people as nowadays. How this is possible? Because the average of fast food has never been so cheap and easy to get. You see it on every point of the street. The service is fast as well. And people are lazy or extremely buzzy. We live fast and so should or food and service be. 

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