Service is easy like this; ;-)

You sleep in an Aloft Hotel, you have partied hard and now a huge hangover. Your eyes hurt and you need immediately a glas of water and an advil. Then you pick up your phone and send your emoticons to the reception. How easy is this?!

Aloft Hotels started this service a few weeks ago. Text it, Get it. or TiGi for short. Through this service customers can order room service with emoticons on their phone. Simple emoticons count now as serious communication, something which is more and more common in this world. It all goes back to the 90’s where they where developed. 

The great part of the emoticons is; no matter what country you are from and what language you speak, this is for all of us the same. Especially is this a smart move for hotels because they can easily help their guests who don’t speak the language. 

Even though I think this is a super service and my guess is that it will be copied more easily, my biggest question mark is what there will happen between the communication we have right now. I hope everything will still be authentic after all. Because I don’t now if you have, but when I slept at a very good hotel the service you get is very personal and I enjoyed that so much. So not only for the hotels but also if they start to use this in restaurants for example. I hope the human contact won’t stop because of this new service. When I was in Spain and no body spoke English over there and I tried to order in Spanish it was also quit funny and also helps to get in touch with the locals. So great service Aloft Hotels but please keep speaking with your guests ! :) 

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