Shazam for art

You walk through a museum and see a magnificent piece of art. You take your phone, scan it and know all about the title, price, artist and exhibition history. 

With the Magnus app is this possible! It uses an extraordinary data base with arms to enlarge the art market by increasing transparency around cost. The app uses the same technology as Shazam, where you can scan music with to get to know the artist and the song. They have a significant data base where all the information can be find

Magnus includes a map of art galleries and museums, together with their current exhibitions and opening hours.
Besides that, asking the price of a piece is often rude or isn’t given away for people who turn to be not serious enough. Magnus provides the new comers with a guideline of how a piece has been valued in the primary market — when it was first sold — and in the secondary market — when it was resold. So far the app gathers prices from over a thousand auction houses and multiple galleries around the world.

I think this signal can be lead to transparency. Making art and prices available for everyone and not just for the elite. Also artist can not hide their prices and rumors have no chance to survive. Also will this provide eductation. I think this is a very good development. 

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