Sustaiable Village Almere

This summer will start the project ReGenVillages in Almere, a complete self-sufficient village. All the inhabitants will tail their own crops and will activate their own energie. About 2050 will the world population have growth until 10 billion people, which will have a huge impact on the food industry. In Almere they will get started with this. 

In this video you can see what they are preparing in Almere for the green village. Worms? Check! 

ReGenVillages is a start-up of the Stanford University in the USA. The project blew over to Europe and they wanted to start this in Copenhagen. Then, the council wasn’t so enthusiastic anymore but the Ducth Council General was. The project will start with 25 houses and expected is that they will grow to more villages like these. 

This signal has everything to do with sustainability, sharing economy and transparency. Because like I said the 10 billion people have to eat and we have to be creative with the places and the crops on our planet. People who will take care of theirselves are in my eyes not egoistic but extremely social. The nice thing of this is that people will start sharing again. You go to your neighbor and ask for a tomato because she let those grow and she needs your broccoli. Isn’t this nice this whole sharing economy? Besides that it’s transparent because you know where your food came from and what you did with it.

My conclusion is that this is a great development and I think that it can lead to a lot of positive things like I explained above and that the world needs more of these places.

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