Wi-Fi all over our planet

Google has introduced project Loon. This service wants to make wi-fi available everywhere in the world. They will approach this to send balloons in the air on 20 km high. For us, the people who read this isn’t this neccesairy but for two out of three people world wide is wi-fi still out of their leak. Because of a lot of mathematics claims google the balloons will float  thought the wind and go to places where needed. They are protected for extreme weather which has been tested bij NASA. Through the ground station can the balloons connect with each other and will thrive on solar energie. They are testing it right now at the moment in Australia. 

What can we expect as human beings? Will our privacy be damaged forever since we can never find a wifi-free zone back in this world? Will we be controlled and stalked for the rest of our lives? And what will this do for the people who don’t have wi-fi now? They can join this crazy world with it’s concretionion. Will through this blur local boundariesderies and cultures? Or will this have more positive effects?


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